So far, my preferences and interests pretty much correspond with my workplace and study. However quite a few projects that are not directly connected with my work and professional life accumulated over the years. Some of those may be of interest for others. And these will be found here. That is going to take a while because of the 'utmost important tasks' one has to fulfil. On the other hand letting these projects die is pointless because they will only leave my mind when they have been done.

Application 1 (Title not yet published)
18% done
The application escaped the rough planning stage. Main functionality is being developed for testing purposes until UML is spoken. Hardware requirements, user manual, product page et cetara follow

Demo (Name still secret)
3% done
The final vision is just written down as an idea, but all the required drawers are filled up with sundry things I need for this. Minimum requirements follow.

Web site 1
12% done
A couple of pages for the concept and several research sessions were expended on this so far. Now it might be realised, at least to see if this idea fits into the web 2.5. The URL will be here.

Placeholder for a barmy idea
1% done
As soon as one of the above mentioned projects is close to 100%, I'm going to add another one here. It maybe something like a travelling blog for Oculus Rift owners or a picture gallery of my cat images or stone collection. ;) Whatever it will be, you'll find it here.